Everyone needs a cargo container right? And this is mine. I made this item while in collaboration with Austin Community College. I went to them and asked "How can I help?" They asked me to build Hadley's Hope in Unity, but they weren't sure if I was capable. After I build this item in a day, they were very happy to add me to their team. I ended up making about 60% of the environmental pieces for Hadley's Hope.

I love all the little details I added to this piece. I referenced many trailers and cargo containers to see how they lay out their info, and then emulated that on this cargo container. The texture is one 1024 texture sheet (diffuse, spec, and normal).

The container is 5000 triangles. I really only had to build 1/4 of the container and then duplicate it three times. This cut down on the time required to build the item. I am able to produce items like this very quickly using this duplication process.

Here is the 1024 texture sheets. Diffuse, Specular, and Normals.