This is a promo movie of the game. All of the props were modeled by myself. The dragon animations were created using an proprietary rigging and animation software package exclusive to the game engine.

The boat took about four hours to model and unwrap. Triangle count is 2900, and the texture is 2048x2048.

This is what I like to call the "Capital" piece of a level. This boat defines the level, and players fight in and around it.

The idea was to create environmental pieces that matched Team Chaos's intellectual property; Dragon Academy. These props took about two days to complete. The trees are 150 triangles or less. The other props are around 300 triangles or less. Like most of the sets, these pieces shared a single 2048 texture sheet. The wagon ruins is 2200 triangles, and had it's own 2048 texture sheet. The wagon ruins is the "Capital" piece, and the dragon gate leads to an arena area that has great rewards.

The ice palace has the lowest triangle count of all the "Capital" pieces; coming in at 225 triangles. I referenced the Taj Mahal when I modeled it and it uses it's own 2048 texture sheet. The other items in this set all share another 2048 texture sheet. Each of the mountains are less than 50 triangles. The pine tree is 125 triangles.

The shack was 150 triangles, and the other items were 300 triangles or less. Like the other capital items, the shack has it's own 2048 texture sheet. The mangrove roots and trees all shared their own 2048 texture sheet. The swamp world has all sorts of items that force the player to fly as low to the ground as possible. To enforce that thought, I built mangrove roots that the player can fly under. Even the shack can be flown under.

All of the items pictured were on a single 2048 texture sheet. These are the various gameplay items in Dragon Trials. The quidditch was called the Golden Egg, and it was what the player has to take to the goal post to score points. The rainbow colored egg provided the player with limited invincibility.

This is a collection of some of the weapons in the game. They all shared a single texture sheet (as do many of my assets). No one model was more than 300 triangles. My favorite weapon was the dragon egg mines (the spiked eggs with wings). A player's dragon would drop one of these eggs, and it would spin slowly as fell to the ground. If another player ran into the egg-like mine as it was falling to the ground; they would explode.