This pipe was created while I was in college, but I really like the thought process I used to create it. I made this pipe setup completely modular. This learning process would later lead me to build entire worlds using modular pieces. The image you see here is a combination of the modular pieces to create an exact duplicate of the reference photos I had.

This shot shows that not only did I make everything modular, but you can use two different types of valves. The left most valve is clean, and the right most valve has a leak. The cool thing though, the entire piece is one 2048 texture (diffuse, spec, and normal), including these two valve systems.

Even these tiny pipes are completely modular. It's really just one small pipe, one large pipe, a turn, a valve system, and two unique pieces (the gauge, and the three pipe system) . I used a tape like texture to help blend the pieces together.

Here is an image of the modular pieces broken apart.

The main setup that I wanted to go for, following the reference, is only 6700 triangles.

To the left is the 2048 texture sheet (diffuse, spec, and normal). To the right is the reference photos. The more difficult piece was the text that was elevated. I used the normal map to help create the illusion that the text on the pipe was raised.